About Visual-e-Learning
Armed to the teeth

My alter ego – Instructional Commando

Hi, my name is Jerson Campos. I started Visual-e-Learning with one goal in mind, to help other eLearning developers. While I worked as a full-time instructional designer and developer with another company, I’ve always had a problem of trying to find the right character, the right graphic, or the right animation to make my courses better. Well it turned out I wasn’t the only one. I thought “Heck, I love to draw anyways, so why not create a store where other developers can use my stuff” (really, I did think that). That’s how Visual-e-Learning started out. I hope you weren’t expecting something more magical.

Recently I decided to do this full-time and turn Visual-e-Learning to not just a store for some cool characters and awesome graphics, but a company that partners with other organizations to provide a full range of training development services (which I have 7+years experience doing). My belief on designing and developing training is that “Design follows Purpose”. While having cool animations, snappy sound effects, engaging activities is great (actually it’s awesome), I never let it get in the way of the true purpose of the the training, and that is to meet your organizations goals and needs.